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Ultramax Silicate (Si, Ca, Mg)

  • These soil conditioner fertilizers produce a higher yield and better quality in crops.
  • The highest SiO2 content out of all fertilizer in the market.
  • Applicable for all kinds of crop.
  • One time application as basal is enough.
  • SiO2 creates a Silicon barrier between outer tissue and inner cell.
  • Increases resistance to diseases and insects.
  • Makes leaves thicker which enhances photosynthesis and metabolism to produce higher quality and yield.
  • Prevents lodging.
  • Controls absorption of N to avoid over growth.
  • Improves tolerance to environmental stresses; drought, frost, or salty condition.
  • Improves acidic and/or heavy metal-contaminated soil.
  • Protects paddy rice from blast(Magnaporthe grisea).