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Multi Grow – Organic 2000

Multi Grow is 100% pelletised sawdust bedded poultry manure which has been naturally composted. Benefits:
  • Improves soil fertility and health
  • Natural balance NPK and trace elements
  • Retains moisture and nutrients at root zone
  • Reduces leaching
  • Spreads easily through standard spreaders


The Speedfol Nutrient SP range offers foliar-applied plant nutritional solutions, which prevent or correct specific nutrient deficiencies.
  • Flower Booster 12-17-12+2 is for flower and root development - high in Phosphorous, it offers the crop the extra amout of P needed to stimulate root activity & the development of a healthy root system
  • High K 13-2-30+3 for fruit development - contains an increased level of Potassium, which is the key element for high quality fruit development and maximal yield

Ultrasol® Micro Rexene® ABC

Ultrasol® Micro Rexene® ABC is a microgranular rich in Cu, Mg, and Mn; it also contains B, Fe, Mo, and Zn. Micronutrients are chelated by EDTA, apart from boron, magnesium, and molybdenum.

Ultrasol® Micro Rexene® FeQ48

Ultrasol® Micro Rexene® FeQ48 is a stable, water-soluble and non-dusting iron EDDHA chelate.

Nutri Bubble

Nutri Bubble contains 8 different microelements and K altogether, in an effervescent tablet. It dissolves within 2-3 minutes and no stirring is necessary.  

Growing Bubble 18-5-10

An all-purpose plant food that dissolves freely in water.

Silica Bubble Powder

Silica Bubble Powder is a new concept of effervescent silicate and potassium fertiliser in an easy to use tablet form.