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NPK 10-4-33-2+TE

A high potassium water soluble fertiliser that promotes fruit development, while ensuring growth of the product.

Eco-Shield Snail & Slug Killer 25kg

For the control of Snails, Slugs and Slaters in a range of Agricultural and Horticultural situations as specified in the directions for use.


High analysis nitrogen fertiliser. Urea is the most concentrated form of nitrogen available, at 46% Nitrogen. 25kg bag available

NPK 19-3-5-16+TE

A water soluble NPK fertiliser, that is low in chloride and has a low pH.

Ultrasol Lettuce Hydroponica

Crop specific, water soluble fertiliser that blends with micronutrients

Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 (26.3 CaO)

An important source of both calcium and nitrate nitrogen. Calcium is essential for cell wall formation and stability, increasing the plant's natural defense system against pathogens.