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NPK 10-4-33-2+TE

A high potassium water soluble fertiliser that promotes fruit development, while ensuring growth of the product.

NPK 18-8-15-2+TE

A multipurpose formula for general growth, with balanced ratio 1:1:1. It is a homogeneous fine crystalline powder, built from high quality raw material.  

NPK 12-5-30-2+TE

A high potassium formula with a N:P2O5:K20 ratio of 1:1:3. NPK 12-12-36 can be used in the reproductive stage of the plant, and results in higher yield and better quality.

NPK 24-4-8-7+TE

Our NPK 24-4-8-7+TE is a fertiliser specially formulated for situations where vegetative growth is needed. The high nitrogen content in this NPK promotes growth and helps the plant in stressful conditions.