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Penncozeb (Penncozeb 750g/kg) 20kg

For the control of certain fungus diseases of field crops, vegetables, fruit, tobacco, turf & ornamentals.

Colliss (Boscalid 200g/L + Kresoxim-methyl 100g/L) 1L

For reliable high performance prevention of powdery mildew in field grown cucurbits. Dual modes of action provide complementary residual and protective activity against powdery mildew. A robust option when used in rotation with other products as part of a powdery mildew protectant spray program.

Systhane 400WP (Myclobutanil 400g/kg) 600g

For the control of black spot on apples and pears and powdery mildew on apples and strawberries as per the Directions For Use.

Fontelis (Penthiopyrad 200g/L) 5L

Fontelis provides residual protection for up to 10 days against a range of important diseases in different fruit, nut and vegetable crops. Fontelis stops the growth of plant pathogenic fungi by blocking respiration, depriving the fungus of the energy needed to survive.

Teldor 500 SC (Fenhexamid 500g/L) 5L

Advanced botrytis control. Teldor is the leading fungicide for controlling botrytis (bunch rot) in grapes. Teldor also controls botrytis (grey mould) on strawberries.Teldor has no adverse impacts on fermentation or the taste of wine, and prevents laccase and polysaccharide formation (which can damage flavour). Like most Bayer products for use in horticulture, Teldor is ‘soft’ on beneficial insects (when used as directed) and fits very well into an IPM program. It can be applied at various stages throughout the crop growth cycle.

Serenade Opti 5kg

Serenade Opti is an organically certified (ACO and OMRI) biofungicide for use against fungal diseases in grapevines, strawberries and tropical fruit, and bacterial spot in tomatoes, capsicums and chillies. Serenade Opti generally provides similar disease protection as registered synthetic products when used in a season long spray program. Serenade Opti is not systemic and will not control advanced infections but can provide effective protection of clean flowers and fruit. It has no withholding period and is compatible with many commonly used insecticides and fungicides, providing growers with a high level of flexibility when it comes to managing these diseases. Serenade Opti biofungicide is soft on most beneficial species when used as directed and supports resistance management through delivering an alternate mode of action.

Flint 500 (Trifloxystrobin 500g/kg) 1kg

Ideal for use in grapevines at flowering, Flint 500 WG also provides protection against powdery mildew in apples, pears and strawberries. Flint can be applied twice each season for suppression of downy mildew as well as control of powdery mildew in grapes, and offers effective protective control against scab in apples and pears.

Scala (Pyrimethanil 600g/L) 5L & 10L

Scala® SC fungicide is a foliar fungicide that provides high-level preventive control of botrytis (Botrytis cinerea) including fungal strains resistant to dicarboxamides and benzimidazoles, in grapevines, strawberries and tolerant ornamental species plus yellow Sigatoka, leafspeckle and cordana leaf spot in bananas. Scala fungicide has unique biochemical properties which allow it to penetrate the green tissue enabling the fungicide to control latent infections and is effective in a wide range of climatic conditions, making it an important, flexible addition to many spray programs.

Antracol (Propineb 700g/kg) 1kg

Antracol adds zinc to protect both potatoes and tomatoes against target spot (early blight) and late blight (Irish blight). Antracol will also control grey leaf spot in tomatoes, downy mildew in cucurbits, lettuce and onions, black spot in citrus and a number of other diseases.

Filan (Boscalid 500g/kg) 2.5kg

Filan® is the trusted industry standard for sclerotinia control in vulnerable transplanted lettuces as well as potatoes, brassica vegetables and green beans. The same powerful SDHI protection – combined with a very attractive price – makes it a product of choice for early blight in potatoes, tomatoes and the other solanaceous crops. It is registered for both botrytis and powdery mildew in table grapes and is still gaining new registrations – most recently for the prevention of neck rot in onions. Filan continues to demonstrate its effectiveness and versatility as part of protectant programs in most vegetable crops as well as table grapes and turf.

Pristine (Boscalid 252g/kg + Pyraclastrobin 128g/kg) 2.5kg

If your orchard is under alternaria pressure, Pristine® is probably the most consistently effective treatment available – and it is also registered for powdery mildew in apples and black spot (scab) in both apples and pears. A combination of two well-established active ingredients provides extended residual protection and superior fruit finish, with rapid rainfastness and less risk of russeting.

Switch Fungicide (Cyprodinil 375g/kg + Fludioxonil 250g/L) 1kg & 5kg

When it comes to diseases like botrytis and sclerotinia, SWITCH® offers specialist protection in grapes, vegetable crops and nursery stock. SWITCH® also controls anthracnose in lettuce and nursery stock, protects against crown and petiole rots in strawberries, and delivers suppression of black mould in bulbing vegetables.