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Applaud (Buprofezin 440g/L) 10L

For the control of red scale and white louse scale, jassids (leafhoppers) and longtail, citrus and citrophilous mealybugs in citrus crops, mealybugs in grapes and pears; mealybugs and scales in persimmons, custard apples and passionfruit and mango scale in mangos among others. Applaud has also gain registration in cotton for theĀ  control of SLWF and solenopsis mealy bug.

Zorvec Enicade (Oxathiapiprolin 100g/L) 1L & 5L

Zorvec Enicade provides Australian Vegetable and Poppy growers with an unmatched combination of consistency and long lasting control of Downy mildew in a wide range of crops.

Systhane 400WP (Myclobutanil 400g/kg) 600g

For the control of black spot on apples and pears and powdery mildew on apples and strawberries as per the Directions For Use.

Fontelis (Penthiopyrad 200g/L) 5L

Fontelis provides residual protection for up to 10 days against a range of important diseases in different fruit, nut and vegetable crops. Fontelis stops the growth of plant pathogenic fungi by blocking respiration, depriving the fungus of the energy needed to survive.