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Filan (Boscalid 500g/kg) 2.5kg

Filan® is the trusted industry standard for sclerotinia control in vulnerable transplanted lettuces as well as potatoes, brassica vegetables and green beans. The same powerful SDHI protection – combined with a very attractive price – makes it a product of choice for early blight in potatoes, tomatoes and the other solanaceous crops. It is registered for both botrytis and powdery mildew in table grapes and is still gaining new registrations – most recently for the prevention of neck rot in onions. Filan continues to demonstrate its effectiveness and versatility as part of protectant programs in most vegetable crops as well as table grapes and turf.

Pristine (Boscalid 252g/kg + Pyraclastrobin 128g/kg) 2.5kg

If your orchard is under alternaria pressure, Pristine® is probably the most consistently effective treatment available – and it is also registered for powdery mildew in apples and black spot (scab) in both apples and pears. A combination of two well-established active ingredients provides extended residual protection and superior fruit finish, with rapid rainfastness and less risk of russeting.