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Colliss (Boscalid 200g/L + Kresoxim-methyl 100g/L) 1L

For reliable high performance prevention of powdery mildew in field grown cucurbits. Dual modes of action provide complementary residual and protective activity against powdery mildew. A robust option when used in rotation with other products as part of a powdery mildew protectant spray program.

Zorvec Enicade (Oxathiapiprolin 100g/L) 1L & 5L

Zorvec Enicade provides Australian Vegetable and Poppy growers with an unmatched combination of consistency and long lasting control of Downy mildew in a wide range of crops.

Success Neo (Spinetoram 120g/L) 1L & 5L

Success Neo is registered for the control of caterpillar pests in a wide variety of crops, including fruit, herbs, ornamentals, vegetables, canola, forage brassicas and forestry.

Belt 480SC (Flubendiamide 480g/L) 1L

Belt is a fast-acting and long-lasting solution for the control of various chewing (lepidopteran) pests in a range of vegetable crops and strawberries. Belt is ‘soft’ on most beneficial species and pollinators (when used as directed), so it fits very well into IPM programs. Belt is very active and rainfast quickly after spraying, demonstrates good stability to UV radiation and provides a long residual effect.

Milbeknock Miticide (Milbemectin 9.3g/L) 1L & 5L

For the control of two-spotted mite on capsicums, chili peppers, eggplant, pome fruit, stone fruit, strawberries and tomatoes plus European red mite on pome fruit, and for the control of certain mites on Ornamentals.

Macromite Miticide (Bifenazate 480g/L) 1L & 5L

SureFire Macromite Miticide is a selective miticide for the control of plant-eating mite pests on apples, pears, apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums. When used as directed and applied to foliage it rovides quick knockdown through contact activity and good residual control. Due to its unique chemistry, mode of action and selective nature, SureFire Macromite Miticide is relatively inactive against beneficial and/or predatory mites and insects and is therefore compatible with IPM and resistance management programs.

Calibre (Hexythiazox 100g/L) 1L

For the control of two spotted mite and European red mite on apples, pears, stone fruit and ornamentals and for control of two spotted mite on strawberries.

Carfentrazone-Ethyl 240 EC (Carfentrazone-ethyl 240g/L) 1L

For improvement in the control of marshmallow and certain other broadleaf weeds when applied in tank mixtures with knock down herbicides: prior to establishment of broadacre crops, fallows or forest plantations in commercial, industrial and public service areas, around agricultural buildings and yards, in treefruits, nuts, grapevines. Control of marshmallow and annual nettles in grass pastures and rough grass/turf areas. Also control of volunteer cotton seedlings including Roundup Ready® Cotton, desiccation of cotton regrowth; and control of unwanted suckers (cane burning) in Rubus spp. and Ribes spp. as per the Directions for Use table.