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Flint 500 (Trifloxystrobin 500g/kg) 1kg

Ideal for use in grapevines at flowering, Flint 500 WG also provides protection against powdery mildew in apples, pears and strawberries. Flint can be applied twice each season for suppression of downy mildew as well as control of powdery mildew in grapes, and offers effective protective control against scab in apples and pears.

Antracol (Propineb 700g/kg) 1kg

Antracol adds zinc to protect both potatoes and tomatoes against target spot (early blight) and late blight (Irish blight). Antracol will also control grey leaf spot in tomatoes, downy mildew in cucurbits, lettuce and onions, black spot in citrus and a number of other diseases.

Switch Fungicide (Cyprodinil 375g/kg + Fludioxonil 250g/L) 1kg & 5kg

When it comes to diseases like botrytis and sclerotinia, SWITCH® offers specialist protection in grapes, vegetable crops and nursery stock. SWITCH® also controls anthracnose in lettuce and nursery stock, protects against crown and petiole rots in strawberries, and delivers suppression of black mould in bulbing vegetables.