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Slayer (Nonanoic Acid 525g/L) 20L

Organic Herbicide for non-selective control of seedling and young broadleaf and grass weeds, for suppression of established weeds and perennial species and for the control of Moss and Algae. Suitable for use in orchards, vineyards & fallow soil.

Betanal Flow (Phenmedipham 160g/L) 5L

Betanal Flow is a selective post-emergence herbicide for the control of weeds in young beet crops and silverbeet. It acts via the foliage and is applied after emergence of the weeds. The effect of spraying can be seen within 2 to 3 days following application and susceptible weeds are completely killed within 10 days. Betanal Flow is a member of the carbamate group (Group C) of herbicides providing diverse sites of action.

Spray.Seed 250 (Paraquat 135g/L + Diquat 115g/L) 20L

  • For control of a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  • Can be utilised in crop establishment programs.
  • Contains non-ionic wetter.

Slasher Weed Killer 20L

Slasher Organic Weedkiller kills a broad range of weeds as well as moss, algae and lichen. It is non selective and works on contact to rapidly desiccate and burn weeds.

Glyphosate 360 (Glyphosate 360g/L) 20L

A water soluable herbicide for the non-slective control of most perennial and annual weeds

Tempra 750 WG (Halsulfuron-methyl 750g/kg) 100g

For selective post-emergence control of Nutgrass in Sugarcane and Corn/Maize and Sorghum and for the selective post-emergence of Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch in Turf. Also for the control of Nutgrass in Cotton using shielded sprayers.

Dicamba (MCPA 340 g/L + Dicamba 80g/L) 20L

For the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in winter cereals, pastures, turf and non-crop areas

Crucial (Glyphosate 600g/L) 20L

Complete package for intelligent weed control, most reliable on the toughest weeds

Ramrod (Propachlor 480g/L) 10L

For the control of annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in sorghum and selected vegetable crops.

Combik 250 (Paraquat 135g/L + Diquat 115g/L) 20L

For the control of a wide range of grasses and broad leaf weeds

Glister 450 (Glyphosate 450g/L) 20L

A non-selective water soluble herbicide for control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in a wide variety of situations

Simazine (Simazine 900g/kg) 15kg

Pre emergent herbicide for the control of a broad range of weeds in crops including TT canola, lupins, chickpeas and Faba beans. Also used for silver grass in pasture, weeds in orchards and vineyards, and for bare earth on firebreaks and around buildings.