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EnviroDye Red 5L

A liquid marking dye non-crop use with certain herbicides to identify sprayed areas as per Directions For Use Table

Brushwet 5L

Nonionic surfactant for use with Glyphosate and certain Brushweed Herbicides to improve coverage, penetration and uptake on brush and woody weeds and ryegrass.

Mark-It Dye 5L

Vivid red, liquid, spray marking dye for use with pesticides and marking foam

Spreadwet 600 5L

General purpose wetting and spreading agent, nonionic surfactant for use with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides

Humic 18 20L

OCP HUMIC 18 is a high concentration Potassium humate liquid. OCP HUMIC 18  is an excellent soruce of humic acids and potassium which aids in improving soil structure, cation exchange capacity, moisture absorbtion and water holding capacity. Humic acids are also very effective at buffering the soil against salts and other conditons that can impact on soil health and ultimately crop yields.

Ecoflo Lime

Corrects acidic soils and boosts calcium levels

Synertrol Oil

Synertrol Horti Oil is a botanical oil based spraying oil designed to improve the wetting, spreading and sticking of most horticultural sprays. It is a “fasting breaking” oil that allows the botanical oil to rapidly form a protective film around the spray droplet in flight and when the spray droplet hits its target. This reduces the evaporation of sprays in flight which reduces drift and improves the efficacy of the biological insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and foliar nutrients.

Reactor Wetter 600 5L

For use with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides A spray additive designed for use with fungicides, insecticides and weed killers. Wetter 600 increases the activity and efficiency of pesticides and herbicides. Increases wetting and improves spray coverage. Wetter 600 can be used with alkaline sprays and mixes easily with all types of water.

Designer 385g/L Organosilicone Surfactant 255g/L Synthetic Latex 10L

Designer is a blend of organosilicone super-spreader and a latex polymer. This combination gives the product super-spreading ability combined with improved deposition of droplets, and dramatically improves adhesion of chemicals in wet weather. For use with low volume applications to enhance the spreading and foliage deposition of fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and foliar nutrients.