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TB-S Ace Staple Gun

TB-S Ace Tape Binder is ideal for binding or “taping” nursery stock to stakes in a container or in the field. Also useful for vineyards, tomatoes and any other plant that requires tying and staking. This product is the toughest binder on the market, and comes with a spare spring and blade.
  • TB-S Ace Tape Binder is an economical product to speed up production & efficiency
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Designed to have a replacement spring & blade in the tape holder compartment
  • Handles & staple plungers are coated with a soft plastic for greater comfort & grip
  • Multiple uses: greenhouse, field vegetable & fruit crops, nursery, ornamental evergreen & deciduous plants
An advanced model that eliminates the tape remnants after stapling. The workings are a bit smoother to operate and has a built-in lock to keep tapener closed. Holds 4¼” diameter tape.