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High analysis nitrogen fertiliser. Urea is the most concentrated form of nitrogen available, at 46% Nitrogen. 25kg bag available

Potassium Nitrate 13.7-38.4

Sangral is the most concentrated source providing nitrogen and potassium at the same time. It's the potassium source with the fastest action, also accompanied by nitrate nitrogen, with immediate availability for the plant.

Potassium Sulfate 0-0-52.03

Potassium Sulfate soluble grade is high purity, full solubility in water and low pH. This makes Potassium Sulfate the perfect source of potassium in fertigation of greenhouses, hydroponics systems, and open field, especially when there is no need for Nitrogen.

Magnesium Sulfate 0-0-0+16MgO+13S (Epsom Salt)

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) 0-0-0+16MgO+13S is a fully water soluble sulfur and magnesium fertiliser. It is safe to use on a wide range of fruit, flower and edible vegetable crops.

Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP 12-61-0

MAP 12-61-0 is a fully water-soluble fertiliser. It contains a high percentage of phosphorus in crystalline form, which is important and essential for blooming stage.

Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34

MKP 0-52-34 is a fully water-soluble fertiliser. It contains a high concentration of P & K and is 100% assimilated by plants. This makes MKP the most suitable fertiliser for all Agriculture & irrigations programs.

Potassium Nitrate Prilled 12-0-46

Potassium Nitrate (Prilled) is a completely water-soluble prilled fertiliser composed of nitrogen & potassium. This combination of two essential nutrients makes Potassium Nitrate the most all-round and efficient water-soluble K-fertiliser.