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K Plus Acid 12-12-17

Acidic potassium nitrate: a pH level of 4 achieved by just 0.1% solution, for fertigation and foliar application Helps to prevent clogging of fertigation systems and make their cleaning easier, avoiding the use of strong acids
  • Ideal for fertigation applications :
  • Irrigation water with high levels of carbonates
  •  soil-grown crops where pH > 7.
  • Ideal for foliar applications
  • Efficient nutrient uptake
  • Perfect for flower induction, and early flowering stimulation
Packaging 25 kg bag

Gold Urea 45-0-0

Humic acid contained slow release Urea Contains N45%+K0+Humic acid-0
  • Stably blended water soluble humic acid with urea using innovative fusion technology.
  • Water-soluble humic acid-containing urea reduces any loss from leaching or volatilization (Less the need of fertilizer dosage)
  • Less leaching on the golf course so the effects last longer.
  • Promotes growth & development of turf’s roots due to water-soluble humic acid absorbing nitrogen.
  • Possible to be applied uniformly during granule broadcasting since Gold Urea contains higher density compared to conventional urea.

Potassium Sulfate 0-0-50

Potassium Sulphate soluble grade is a high purity, full solubility in water and low pH, makes Potassium Sulphate the perfect source of potassium in fertigation of greenhouse, hydroponics system, and open field, especially when there is no need for Nitrogen.
  • Can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers, except soluble calcium fertilizers, and concentrated magnesium solutions. The high concentration of potassium with the absence of N and P enables the correct quantity of potassium to be supplied at any stage. So we can combine Potassium Sulphate with N, P or NP fertilizers according to plants requirements.
Type: Water Soluble Straights Appearance: White Powder Packing: 25 Kg

Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0-19Ca

Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0-19Ca is a unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and fully water soluble calcium. It is suited to application through all fertigation systems.
  • Can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizer, except stock solution containing either phosphate or sulphate.
  • Is an indispensable component in all well balanced fertigation programs, both for soil grow crops & hydroponic systems.
Type : Water Soluble Straights Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg

Magnesium Sulphate 0-0-0+16MgO+13S (Epsom Salt)

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) 0-0-0+16MgO+13S is a fully water soluble sulfur and magnesium fertilizer. It is safe to use on a wide range of fruit, flower and edible vegetable crops.
  • Epsom Salt application in fertigation as regular Mg source.
  • Epsom Salt is an excellent source of Mg especially for high saline irrigation water due to very low conductivity value (EC value).
Type : Water Soluble Straights Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg

Monoammonium Phosphate – MAP 12-61-0

MAP 12-61-0 is fully water-soluble fertilizers, contains highest percentage of phosphorus in crystalline form, which is important, & essential for blooming stage.
  • MAP improves crop establishment and development and it is the most suitable input in fertigation systems, and through all irrigation systems.
  • MAP is an excellent starter fertilizer.
  • MAP is very important during flowering initiation stage when crop P requirement is high, especially during cell division phase.
Type : Water Soluble Straights Packing : 25 Kg

Monopotassium Phosphate – MKP 0-52-34

MKP 0-52-34 is Fully water-soluble fertilizer, Contains high concentration of P & K, its 100% assimilated by plants that make MKP most suitable fertilizer for all Agriculture & irrigations programs.
  • Mono Potassium Phosphate Soluble grade, High purity Fertilizer that contains the highest concentration of macro Nutrients phosphor and potassium completely soluble fertilizers.
  • Contains no nitrogen, it is particularly well suited for intensive applications where a lot of fertilizer must be used.
  • has a lowest salt index of 8.4 and a low EC value of 0.7 mS/cm (1g/L) which is beneficial for young plants (nurseries) For foliar application or for the crops that are sensitive for high salt accumulation.
Type : Water Soluble Straights Packing : 25 Kg

Potassium Nitrate Prilled 13-0-46

PotNit (Prilled ) is a completely water-soluble prilled fertilizer composed of nitrogen & potassium, this combination of two essential nutrients makes POTASSIUM NITRATE the most all-round and efficient water-soluble K-fertilizer. Type : Water Soluble Straights Appearance : White Crystals Packing : 25 Kg